Holistic Dog Food – Homemade Diet

Healthy Homemade Dog FoodThis will be enough food for one day for an average 25lb dog. A 50lb dog would get twice this amount and a 12lb dog would get half this amount. You can do the math for your dog’s weight.


You will need to feed 4 units of protein per day.

One unit of protein is equal to

2 oz meat or fish

1 medium egg

1/2 cup yogurt- note that 1/2 cup of yogurt counts as 1 unit of carbohydrate as well

1/3 cup cottage cheese- note that 1/2 cup of cottage cheese counts as 1 unit of carbohydrate as well

2 oz organ meat-you can feed up to one unit of organ meat several times a week if desired.


You will need to feed 4 units of carbohydrates per day

One unit of carbohydrate is equal to

1 cup vegetables such as-broccoli, brussel sprouts, greenbeans, peas, cabbage, spinich, squashes

1/2 cup fruits such as-melons, berries, bananas, tomatoes, apples. Also carrots at 1/2 cup.

1/4 cup cooked beans, lentils or chick peas

1/3 cup of grains such as-oatmeal or barley can be added if you wish. These are the best of the grains for a dog but note that grains in general are the least favorable type of carbohydrate for a dog. Try to limit this to one unit of the total amount fed per day if possible. You can also use whole wheat pasta or brown rice if needed.


1 tablespoon olive oil

1/2 tablespoon bone meal

multivitamin as directed for body weight

1 capsule of fish oil unless feeding an oily fish such as salmon

500mg vit C

400 iu vit E

Please note that this diet will not be adequate or appropriate for all dogs. Be sure to check with your veterinarian before begining this or any other new diet for your dog.

73 Responses to “Holistic Dog Food – Homemade Diet”

  1. Peter Dorich says:

    Thank you for the article and for publishing a nice website. I have been searching for reliable information on natural health and may put these recommendations to practice. I have found it hard to locate honest ideas, as there are many web sites with innaccurate articles. Please keep it flowing!

  2. This diet is intended to be fed cooked with the carbs measured once cooked. I believe many dogs can be fed raw, but I recommend using a prefrozen raw to many of my clients to have a raw product that was handled in a way that was intended for future raw feeding.

  3. I propose the identical technique should be implemented regarding the problems regarding Obesity, if you wish to be slim examine just what thinner people do.

  4. really good information thanks admin

  5. bob says:

    I am skeptical of this diet. According to it, a sample daily feedings for my 50 pound collie could be:
    1. 8 eggs and 8 cups of mixed vegetables
    2. 1 pound of chicken livers and 4 bananas
    3. 1 pound of ground beef and 4 cups of carrots
    Plus an overdose of Vit C and E with some olive oil sprinkled on it.
    Also, what is the issue with whole grain barley, oats, brown rice? If these are a problem so that 1 unit/25 lb. dog should be the daily limit, dogs must be really be misfed with commercial kibble. Most every brand no matter how expensive is mostly cornmeal. Is Purina really poisoning our pups with grains? I really think the Doc ought to offer some more explanation about this diet.

  6. Jeff says:

    Brilliant summary, this is some really useful info and point you got here.

  7. Steve says:

    I really enjoyed the information shared at this site. God bless.

  8. Every dog has his day, unless he loses his tail, then he has a weak-end.

  9. Nicole says:

    I’m hungry. I’m sure my dog will be hungry after looking at the picture.

  10. Sophia Cliffe says:

    Thank you, Dr. Lord for your recipe guide for homemade dog food. I have spent hours trying to find this information.
    Your web site does not come up quickly.

    Doggie cookbooks will not commit to “homemade”. All they do is give recipes to supplement kibble! (25 percent homemade and 75 percent kibble). I would not feed a child dry food out of a bag as the only source of food. Who knows what is really in there. Looks like a lot of corn, a potential allergen!

    Thank you again, for your help and for providing it free on the internet.

    Sophia Cliffe, Staunton, VA

  11. Sophia Cliffe says:

    Please include a nutrition guide for growing puppies. Is more calcium required?
    Thank you.

  12. I actually do not recommend this type of mix and match diet for a growing puppy. Their needs are more specific to size, rate of growth etc. Also, an excess or deficiency in the diet over a short period of time is more likely to be problem for them during growth and development. If you wish to feed yyour growing puppy homemade, a diet specifically formulated for growth which is carefully followed would be recommended.

  13. Hello! I’ve been following your blog for a while now and finally got the courage to go ahead and give you a shout out from New Caney Texas! Just wanted to mention keep up the fantastic job!

  14. Erica says:

    Thanks for the information, my dog has become so allergic to store brand food, I have been feeding him a homemade version, but I like the added vitamins and calcium. His allergies have greatly improved since I went to homemade and it’s really not that much more money.

  15. Sandy says:

    My beloved collie, Laddie,(also my service dog) developed severe itching and lost some hair…it got so bad it looked like mange on his tummy…our USA vet did many tests, all negative…came back to (2nd home) Switzerland and he was diagnosed (thru two months trial of raw horse meat and potato with nothing else) as a food allergy (good ole commercial pet food, errrghhh! I learn the hard way. We fly back to the USA and will leave the raw horse meat diet here…found your web site and enjoy reading the comments. I am pondering to try a combination of home made food and grain free organic pet food…so many out there and certainly do not want him back to the scratching and suffering!

  16. Jennifer Smith says:

    Dr. Lord,
    Do you do nutritional consults via email or phone?

  17. Carrie says:

    I have a senior boxer with congestive heart failure. The commercial and prescription dogs foods are not only expensive, but he hates the flavor of them. In addition to this being a salt free diet, any ideas on ingredients that should be added to this recipe or subtracted from it to increase his caloric intake? He loves sweet potatoes. Would those fall under the vegetables (squash) or fruits. I also have him on a B6, coQ12 and Hawthorne supplements.

  18. Dr Lord says:

    With a dog who has CHF, I would recommend getting a diet specifically formulated for the disease. There are nutritionists who will do this for you or there are some books published with diets in them for dogs with specific health concerns. You need to be very careful making your own diet when condtions such as heart failure are involved.

  19. Alicia Nadai says:

    We have a 7 year old black lab mix who was on “high quality” kibble most of her life. She began picking up weight this spring and we almost had to get her a ramp to get into the car due to hip problems and obesity.

    Since beginning this diet in April, she dropped over 13 pounds in only 10 days! She is now at the perfect weight and has hip problems no more! Not only that, but most of her fatty cysts (which she is prone to) went away almost immediately, she requires less raw hides and treats, begs less and is much more satisfied as a whole. Occassionally we feed her kibble when we are out of whole food, but the last time we did that while camping several days in a row her stool became rock hard.

    We feed her less than the recommended dose– 4 units daily for a 55 pound dog– as per our vet. And we give her 2 units in the am. 1 unit for lunch (usually cottage cheese) and 1 unit for dinner. She enjoys the variety and loves watermelon in particular. We cook better for ourselves and are able to recycle at the same time.

    This diet is awesome! As owner of a pet sitting business and a darling pup I wish everyone would feed this diet to their beloved dogs! So many benefits and less vet bills in the long run.

    Thank you so much for Sharing!

  20. Cande Cook says:

    All your info is great. I have boxers and this breed is dieing so young due to cancer as are so many other breeds. When I was growing up dogs lived to be old but today so many aren’t and I believe that in part is the food and the other products the dogs are coming incontact with(ie bowls, toys) I was looking for a diet that I can feed my 5 boxers that would promote good health and skin but not break the bank. I also think your artical on first aide are great. I’m coping these 2 and when I have another litter will include in the packet I give to the new parents.Thankyou for all your work.

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