Must Have Items Pet Lovers Can’t Live Without

We all love our pets. As a pet owner, making sure your animal has everything they need to be happy and content usually ends up being top priority. From a portable water dish, to high quality leashes, to healthy dog treats and everything in between, going shopping for your pet is one of the best parts of having one. Here are a few things that most pet owners agree they can’t live without.

An Active Pet Is A Healthy Pet

Every dog needs a place to rest, and that’s where a pet bed comes in handy. High quality dog bedding gives your little critter a comfy place to call their own. With it, they’ll leave your beds and chairs alone, giving you the space you crave as you lay your head down to rest every night.

If there’s one thing a household with pets need, it’s squeak toys. Playing and engaging with your pets is some of the most fun you can have on a daily basis. What’s better, playing with them keeps them healthy and active. So, be sure to stock up on your favorite toys- squeak or otherwise- and get down on the floor and play with your pets!

Treat Your Pet Once In A While

When your pet behaves, or when you’re trying to train it, you’re going to have to have some treats on hand to reward them with. All animals have different tastes and preferences, so try a few different types to get a handle on which they like best.

For those times when you have to leave for work, or when there’s errands to run, you’re going to need a way to keep your new pet secure. There’s nothing worse than coming home to soiled carpeting and torn belongings. A training cage is a great way to keep your pet in check, while at the same time not so confined that they can’t relieve themselves if need be.

Healthy food is important to both the life span and general health of your beloved pet. Even though it can be tempting at times, don’t skimp when it comes to their diet. Invest in their health, and keep your pets around for years to come.

4 Mistakes Pet Owners Make In A Storm

A storm is enough of a crisis to make almost anyone freak out. Sometimes, no matter how much you prepare for storm emergency, it can really just take you by surprise. Add a beloved pet to the mix, and suddenly you’ve got a situation that can seem impossible to manage. If you’re a pet owner, here are a few things that you should never do during a storm or other natural disaster.

#4 All Tied Up

Under no circumstances should you keep your pet tied up outside during a storm. Even if they have a small shelter, if you leave them tied up, you could potentially be costing them their lives. If anything goes wrong, they have no way to run out of harm’s way. And, if you’re dealing with a flood, they can only swim for so long before they grow exhausted.

#3 Food On The Floor

When you’re hiding indoors during a storm, feed your pet at designated times, and then store their food and water away. Open food and water on the floor or ground can quickly become contaminated, if there’s flooding, and they can also be a tripping hazard for people trying to make their way back and forth around the area.

#2 Outdoors

Similar to being tied up, avoid keeping your pet outdoors during a storm, at all. They need shelter too, and there’s a good chance if you leave them outside, they could run away or get separated from your home for good. If your dog is a member of your family, treat them like it.

#1 Be Right Back

No matter what, don’t leave your pet behind. In a storm, or similar crisis, anything can happen at any time. You should never take chances, or assume that you’re going to be able to return to an area, as things have a tendency to go wrong, during times of crisis. Take them with you wherever you go, in order to keep tabs on them.

Dealing with a storm and caring for your pet may seem like a tall order, but it’s really not as difficult as it may seem. Keep a level head, and think your way through your problems one at a time.

The 5 Most Luxurious Pet Spas In The World

Dog and cat owners love their pets. So much so that sometimes, rather than taking their pet to the local groomer, owners instead choose to give their pets a taste of luxury, by sending them to a luxury spa for some rest in relaxation. Some of these resorts, however, can go a bit overboard. Every pet spa that you visit will be willing to provide your furry friend with the necessary vitamins and medications, if needed, whether it’s a treatment for a bad tooth for your feline soul mate or giving a dry skin dog supplement to man’s best friend and everything in between, and these resorts know what they are doing. Some spas aren’t content with the bare minimum and take luxury to an extreme.

The Grand Pet Resort And Spa

The Grand Pet Resort & Spa in Ft. Worth, TX offers pets three different size rooms for those that will be making a vacation, of their trip. The spa boasts some great services such as pedicures, a full brush out and expert grooming services. On top of that, they offer some of the best puppy treats that money can buy. And, they will be happy to cater a pet birthday party, for your furry friend and all their special friends.

Morris Animal Inn

From the aquatic massage to the “Pampered Pet Sessions” that include playtime, catch, and even a dip in the pool, the Morris Animal Inn in New Jersey really takes their job seriously. They want your pet to have a great time, relax, and be as pampered as possible and offer plenty of services to make sure that the pampering is every bit as luxurious, as you would want it. While your treasured friend is on “petcation” you can rest assured that they will be cared for better than in your own home. They will even tuck your pet in at night and read a bedtime story. They are that good.

Amber’s Luxury Pet Hotel

Amber’s Luxury Pet Hotel offers pet owners, in South Corona, CA, a luxurious spa for their pets. Among the amenities in this hotel, you will find plush beds, room service and group playtime, for their overnight guests. Pets are definitely pampered at this hotel and may not want to leave!

Best Friends

There is no question that when Disney does something, they go all out. Best Friends, located at the Walt Disney World Resort, is the perfect place to take your pet, if you are taking a trip to the Magic Kingdom. They offer suites at different levels of luxury and services, and there is no doubt, whichever package you choose, your pet is in for a fun, luxurious trip to this hotel and spa.

The Barkley

The Barkley is the pinnacle of luxury and your pet will feel like a canine King and a feline Queen, when they stay at this wonderful location. This all inclusive spa offers more options than your pet will ever need, to provide the maximum relaxation. They boast massage, bedtime stories with tummy rubs and room service. If you are crunched for time, The Barkley provides “transpawtation” to and from your home.

Spending money on your pet to have a nice day, or even a nice vacation, at the spa isn’t always affordable, but when you have the chance, your unconditional friend truly deserves to be showered, in luxury at least once in their life.

Mini Me Costumes With Your Canine

For clarification, the reference to ‘mini me’ is from the Dr. Evil look like, albeit much smaller, in the movie ‘The Spy Who Shagged Me’. There, now you’re up to date… sort of.

Do You Want To Be Your Dog’s Mini Me Or Vice Versa?

So, you will be attending this year’s Halloween party.  Perfect.  You’re thinking about what to dress up as, when suddenly it occurs to you: if your dog has no pressing plans for the evening you might consider the idea that you and your pet can dress alike!  In this case you may want to alter your search to include ideas for pet costumes. Your first decision will of course be whether you are going to go as a larger edition of your dog or if your dog is going to go as a smaller mirror image of you.

I suppose now you need some ideas as to how to dress up? Grab that iPad or your smart phone and visit an online custom shop or two. With this kind of assistance you can find fancy dress ideas, retro costumes, plus size costumes, inexpensive costumes, costumes for men and costume ideas for women. You can get the kids involved with costumes for boys or for girls, baby costumes (which might actually fit a small dog) and costumes for your toddler… and of course good old-fashioned Halloween themed costumes (yawn).

Famous Duos For You And Your Dog

There have been any number of famous dogs throughout history and/or stars who wouldn’t be seen on the street, without their dogs. Ozzy Osbourne’s wife Sharon is big on dogs.  Stars like Paris Hilton seem to gravitate toward the little teacup dogs, that can fit inside a bag or purse. There are cartoon favorites, such as Snoopy and Charlie Brown, Astro and any one of the Jetsons, Scooby-Doo and Shaggy, or TV characters like Lassie and Timmy, Eddie and Fraser,  Brian and any one of the Griffins from ‘Family Guy’ (most likely however would be Stewie), or movie celebrities, such as a dalmation and Cruella Deville,  Toto and Dorothy from the ‘Wizard of Oz’, Lady and The Tramp, but you’d both have to be dogs… or best of all Spuds McKenzie and a can of Bud.

Ultimately you may want to switch roles with your pet. There are dog costumes online for humans and you can dress your little friend up as a human. Don’t forget – you have to wear the collar and leash! (Just a little cautionary note here – if there is a costumed dominatrix at the party and you show up in that dog collar and leash… oh boy… hmm, then again.)


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